Welcome to Central Baptist Church, a place where we help people connect and serve. Thanks for visiting our new website. Feel free to look around and get acquainted with the times that our church meets as well as any other upcoming events.

I want to extend a special welcome for you to come visit us at Central Baptist Church to learn more about our church family. If you are new to our community, I know how difficult it can be getting adjusted to new schools, new surroundings and new jobs. You will find a warm welcome at our church and meet a group of people who desire to make new families feel at home.

You will also find that we place an emphasis on teaching God’s word in a manner which is both originally accurate and culturally relevant. We believe that the teachings of Christ should be communicated and we exist to celebrate the difference that Jesus makes.

Whether you have been to church since you were a child or you have never opened the door of a church, it can be very intimidating to think about visiting a church. You have already taken the first step by showing some interest, so let us help you along with some encouraging suggestions to make your journey a little easier.

1. Keep an Open Mind- Our church is a church of imperfect people that love God and love people. If you are imperfect along with us, then we welcome you on this journey. At Central, we welcome everyone by avoiding “judging” and keeping an open mind. So, come as you are and know that you are valued.

2. Meet Someone- Please know that it is our desire to provide an inclusive environment where all are welcome to come and enjoy sanctuary apart from busy lives. We would love the opportunity to get to know you.  So, try your best to stay after service for a few moments, meet the Pastor, and give our parishioners a chance to show that they care.

3. Plug In- Oftentimes church can become a spectator sport. As an alternative, we offer opportunities for you to “do life” with other people and we have ways for you to serve so that you can see how valuable you are in the eyes of God. At Central, your voice counts. It is our desire for you to teach us what it is like to be you.

4. Have Fun- At Central, we talk about some of the most important things in life, but we also laugh together. We believe God wants you to enjoy church. So whether it is showing up early to talk with others or laughing at a story in the sermon, we want you to simply enjoy yourself in worship. We are also sensitive to people who prefer to worship in silence. In the end, we have a sincere desire to provide a worship experience that is relevant to a diverse audience.


About the Pastor

As the pastor of Central Baptist Church it is my privilege to serve the congregation as well the community of Lowesville, Virginia. It has been my joy to be the pastor at Central for the last eleven years and I look forward to many more years enriched with welcoming all people to faith and fellowship both with us as well as with God.

Feel free to contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page or visit us at church. We meet every Sunday for worship at 11:00 am. We would love to have you visit us at Central Baptist Church! 

Pastor Gary



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